6 Businesses That Can Generate N20,000 Weekly Or More On Part-time

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet with just one source of income. This, therefore, is the main reason why more and more people are finding out the possibilities of starting their own extra-income business. Many of these part-time endeavors can be started and operated from the comfort and privacy of the home. This article by SuccessDigest brings to you six profitable money making businesses you can pursue to make at least N20, 000 weekly. One of these six ideas can be your blueprint for success.

Part Time Training
Mrs. Olufunke Oyende, Chief Executive Officer, Stunning Interiors Ltd., speaks in this interview.

Brief Overview
Oyende says, “We are expert operators in a number of trainings – interior design, bag making, events decoration, fashion design, shoemaking, and cake baking, among others”.

How Can One Get Into The Business On A Part Time Basis?
Oyende says, “Well, with what has been earlier said, you have ample opportunity to start as a part time trainer. For a trainer, you will need to be well grounded in your field. When that is done, you can look out for someone who already owns an office you can use for training. You can arrange to share the rent with him or pay him a certain amount from your earnings for using his space.
Once you reach an agreement with him, you just have to do solid publicity to get a lot of people to attend your seminar. Then you deliver them a good experience; you gain their respect and loyalty as they will tell their friends and relatives about your business and send you referrals”.

Other Requirements Needed To Start
Oyende says, “Other requirements to start a seminar or training business include:
1. A registered business-name
2. A business account.
3. Preparation of manuals or handouts, audio or video recordings of trainings to be sold to participants.
4. Marker boards and markers for writing important details for participants to see.
5. Laptop with power point presentation.
6. Projector.
7. A screen to display your presentation.
8. Mentoring for participants after training for a period of time.

Meanwhile, all these should not be a brickwall between you and starting a part time training or seminar business – if you can afford all at start up, it’s good for you, but if not, as earlier said, you can partner with someone already in the business and later you will become a big boy”.

How Much Does It Involve Doing The Business On A Part Time Basis?
Oyende says, “Your expenses will just be office, supplies, stationeries and some petty things. It depends on your resourcefulness. Even your advertising costs can be very minimal – you can start by informing people close to you about your intention to start a part time training or seminar platform. People in your church or immediate neighbourhood might be of help at the start. In all, one can estimate between N20,000 and N50,000 as minimum start up cost”.

How Do You Source For The Right Facilitator To Handle The Training?
Oyende says, “You might want to ask if setting up a part time seminar or training platform will need you to get other facilitators to train people on your platform, when you cannot handle all aspects… Yes, of course, you can. I have trainers for fashion design, cake baking, shoe making as those areas are not my competencies.

Well, I already knew some of them before and was aware of the quality of work they do, I just negotiate terms with them – some of them are my past trainees. But new entrants should always work with or seek advice from those already in business before them in getting rightful facilitators. This will help them avoid the mistake of using wrong facilitators.

“You could as well search online for the needed professionals, interact with them and even visit their offices to see things for yourself before taking them on your platform”.
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