Guide To Starting A Shoe Shop Business Sourcing Your Stock From Abroad

The story is told of Tommy McCann an explorer who went with his friend on expenditure to Asia. While his friend saw nothing good to explore in the countries visited, Tommy had a different perception.

When they got to one particular Asian country, Tommy saw an opportunity. He observed that the people had no shoes on. This was a problem that needed a solution. So, he took a decision to come back and provide shoes to the people in exchange for cash.

Interestingly, the people were fascinated about the shoes and began to buy them from Tommy. Dear reader; this was how Tommy McCann changed his fortune.

Do you know that there are a few Nigerians whose fortunes are fast changing just leveraging on the huge demand for shoes in the market place? One of them is Oscar Ofoegbu.  There´s no business she loves more than the one she started over three years ago.

Oscar Ofoegbu, a native of Anambra state in the Eastern region of Nigeria, travels to Dubai twice a month to buy shoes and slippers, which she resells to local retailers in the Nigerian city of Enugu. She explains the simple steps to starting out in shoe business in this article.

About Shoes
Have you ever imagined dressing up smartly on a good day only for you not to have shoes to put on? Well, it’s better imagined than being a reality. Economist would always be right that food, clothing, and shelter are basic needs man cannot do without. And shoes happen to fall under clothing.

All over the world, shoes have become a necessity for everyone, no matter the gender. Shoes have become part of fashion that everyone wants to be a part of.  Shoes come in various shapes and sizes. For example, you have flat sole and high heeled shoes etc. Under shapes, you have boot-cut, canvass, tennis, etc. They are also made of different materials like leather, synthetic, suede, rubber etc.

Huge demand for imported shoes
According to Oscar, the demand for imported shoes in Nigeria is on a daily increase. The population in Nigeria is a great advantage.  Buying shoes can be compared to buying any basic foodstuff. He admits that although a couple of industrious Nigerians have forayed into shoe wares production, the demand for imported or foreign shoes cannot be overlooked.

Where the imported shoes come from
These shoes are imported from countries like Morocco, China, Dubai, Ethiopia, Argentina etc. One of the shoe brand popularly sold by the retailers is Tom. The owner of the brand is an American but manufactures from China, Argentina and Ethiopia. It’s one brand with very high quality.

Types of shoes that sell most
The shoes are made from different designers.  They are not Italian neither are they American. The types of shoes that sell most includes office shoes, social outing shoes, sports shoes, casual wear shoes, slippers, sandals etc.

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